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The sequence tab is designed to make quick work of creating G-Codes for several serial numbers at one time. Most of the settings are straight forward. Start Number is the first number in the sequence. End Number is the last number in the sequence. Step is there just in case the number needs to increment by 2 or 3 or something other than 1. Prefix is text that is engraved before the number. Suffix is text that will be engraved after the number. Digits is used to add leading zeros if desired. If no leading zeros are desired just leave Digits set to 0 and it will have no effect on the numbers. Digits is the minimum number of digits in a number. For example, if Digits is set to 6 and the numbers are 4 digit numbers 2 leading zeros will be added to make the number 6 digits long. This is handy when starting your sequence at 1 and going to say 2000, By setting Digits to 4 or more, it makes all the serial numbers the same width.

The Files option is simply to tell the software to put the sequence in one file or each in it's own file. When using many files a new input window will show up that gives the option for a file name prefix that will be put before the number in the file name.

There are 2 input windows to add any custom G-Codes that get executed before and after each number in the sequence. This is useful when all of the numbers are in one file and you need to reset the machine to remove the part and place the new part in machine.


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